Where can I find you?

You can always find us at the next local market.

For updates follow us on instagram.

Outside of that we have an assortment of products spread throughout several retailers.

What is your ordering/shipping policy?

Until our online store is in full swing we can take orders via email.

Our flexible methods give us affordable and insured rates anywhere in Canada.

Is your Ghee Grass-Fed Organic?

While we are completely conscious of the importance of organic and sustainable practices. Our region does limit a few of our options.

Most small dairy farms can’t afford the certification to label their herd organic, despite still using the most natural methods. Not only that, our cold winters in the heart of Canada make grass feed difficult all year round.

We source our butter from Notre Dame creamery in Notre Dame, Manitoba. Which promises non-GMO dairy, and up to 80% Grass fed during the summer.

How do I order wholesale?

Feel free to send us a direct message.